Are you using the right lead magnet to grow your list?

There's an art and a science to creating a lead magnet that attracts PERFECT people into your world...

The truth is... most people are doing it wrong

Creating generic lead magnets that don't solve an actual problem for their audience.

Spending too much time creating long-complicated ebooks that no-one ever reads.

Not creating a clear buying journey from their freebie to their paid offers

Let me show you how to build a list of raving fans...

Lead Magnets For List Building

Follow my step-by-step process to FINALLY nail your perfect lead magnet idea in under 2 hours

On-demand training portal

I've broken down my system into an easy-to-consume training portal

Step-by-step guidance on how to create the perfect lead magnet

You have lifetime access to this content, as well as any future upgrades I make.

Tech library

How to create your lead magnet using online tools

Includes training for creating PDFs, using Canva and how to create video tutorials

Swipe files

Examples of lead magnet ideas 'in the wild' to give you ideas and inspiration

Live Workshop Recording

Watch a live workshop showing you how to go through this process with real-life examples

(Only $47)

A Step-By-Step System To Create The Perfect Lead Magnet

(In Under 2 Hours)

A Fill-In-The-Blank Workbook

Follow each step in the workbook, brainstorm ideas, and narrow down the perfect lead magnet idea for your audience (that makes purchasing from you irresistible).

Less Than 60 Mins Of Video Content

Learn everything you need to create a truly magnetic freebie in under an hour.

Binge watch the content, fill out the workbook and exercises, and you'll have your lead magnet ready to share in an afternoon.

No More Guessing...

Follow these proven social media templates to ask your audience what THEY want from you.

Don't waste any more time or energy guessing...follow these templates to create a winning lead magnet every single time.

Tech Toolkit

Simple and affordable tools to create your lead magnet - from editable PDFs through to videos.

Real-Life Training

Watch this live workshop and get inspired as I take my clients through the training.

See real-life examples of using the system to create 'a-ha' moments and lead magnet ideas.

Grow your list with a flood of perfect-fit leads

Create the perfect Lead Magnet in an afternoon

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